Operating instructions for pneumatic tools

2020-06-11 00:00

1. Gas supply

(1) Use 90Psi (6.2bar) clean and dry air supply tool. Too much air pressure will quickly reduce the life of the tool.

(2) Connect the tool with the appropriate size parts, conduit and hose indicated in the tool chart.

(3) If an air pressure regulator is used, set the air pressure to an output pressure of 0.62mpa.

2. Steps

(1) Connect the pneumatic tools to the air production line.

(2) Set the air pressure.

(3) Air lubricating oil device must be set on air production line. If the air lubricating oil device is unqualified or not, the following daily maintenance shall be carried out for the tool:

A. After continuous operation for 3 to 4 hours, separate the tool from the air source, drip 7-8 drops of high-purity light oil (low viscosity) from the air inlet of the tool, then connect the air pipe, open the air source, and blow the oil into the cylinder. It is recommended to install a small oiler at the air inlet joint for qualified users with full working strength.

B. Generally, the air compressor and oil-water separator need to be regularly drained and impurities removed for maintenance in 30-40 days to ensure that the air entering the tool is clean and dry.