Maintenance of pneumatic tools

2020-06-11 00:00

[safety specifications]

(1) Before using the pneumatic tools, please read this manual. Only after you have a full understanding of the contents, you can use the pneumatic tools in the workplace, and strictly implement the contents.


When using the tool, do not exceed the larger operating pressure (100psi / 7.0BAR / 7.0kg / cm2). It will greatly reduce the service life of the tool itself by often making the pneumatic tool work under the environment exceeding the operating pressure.

(2) When replacing tools or accessories, remove the pneumatic tools from the air source first.

(3) Wear goggles, earplugs and masks as much as possible to maintain your safety.

(4) Do not wear loose clothing, scarf, tie or hand ornament during operation, so as to avoid being involved by moving or rotating parts and causing danger.

(5) When the pneumatic tool is connected with the high-pressure air source, do not press the trigger when not in use.

(6) Ensure the condition of spare parts at any time. Loose spare parts can cause serious danger.

(7) When replacing worn parts, use special parts.

(8) Do not use air pressure pipe to damage or impact.

(9) Do not point tools at yourself or others.

(10) Before use, check whether the air pressure pipe is fragile or damaged. If the above condition is found, please update it immediately to maintain safety.

(11) Lock all nuts, screws and make sure all equipment is in safe condition.

Proper lubrication is the responsibility of the tool user. There will be water condensation in the compressed air, which is easy to cause corrosion. Without proper lubrication, the service life of pneumatic tools will be greatly shortened.


Pneumatic tools shall be lubricated before and after use.

Lubrication of air motor part-

Air motors need to be lubricated daily, but not too often.


Please remove the tool from the air source in the high pressure area before lubricating.

(1) Pull the tool out of the high-pressure area.

(2) Press down the trigger and add 3 ~ 5C. C special oil for pneumatic tools from the intake head. Connect the tool to the high-pressure air source and put rags or towels on the exhaust hole cover. Start the tool, positive and reverse for 20-30 seconds respectively. When the high-pressure gas is connected for operation, the lubricating oil will be discharged from the rear exhaust hole.

Lubrication (grease) of impact frame assembly

The impact frame group shall be lubricated and maintained once a week.

(1) Pull the tool off the air line.

(2) Remove the screws on the front cover (or loosen the front cover directly) and clean the residual butter in the front cover and the impact frame group.

(3) Apply a proper amount of butter to the impact frame group, and then lock the front cover.

(4) Connect the overhead pressure pipe, gently start the trigger to idle for 20-30 seconds to let the grease lubricate the whole impact unit.

matters needing attention

(1) Do not dismantle parts that need to be repaired or replaced.

(2) Take care not to damage tools or parts when disassembling.

(3) No impurities are allowed to enter during disassembly.